Chloe’s Third Week

This week was Andy’s first time back at work, which is why we are a little light on the pictures ;)

Here is a picture of Chloe when she was actually awake.  (04/06/2010)

Andy’s mom came over to help out around the house and do some Chloe holding.  This is good shot of her catching some zzz’s on Grandma.  (04/06/2010)

Grandma Nelsen holding Chloe.  (04/08/2010)

Later in the week we took a short video of Chloe kissing Kristen.  This is the first video we took of her.  (04/09/2010)

Another shot of Chloe catching some zzz’s, but this time it’s on Mommy.  (04/11/2010)

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