Chloe’s Eighth Month

We had a really fun time with Chloe this month.  One of the big things she did was mumble mumamumamuma.  It looks like Mom was in fact the first word she said :)  She also learned how to kiss us on the cheek which was really cute.  Baths became much easier this month too because Chloe started sitting up on her own in the bathtub.

Here are some pictures of Chloe and Daddy on her 7 month birthday.  (10/22/2010)

Chloe having fun playing in a cardboard box.  (10/23/2010)

Dad got a bloody nose working on the job.  Sometimes when Chloe gets those small, sharp finger nails where they shouldn’t be, it can really hurt.  (10/25/2010)

Chloe started being more mobile around this time.  Here are a few pictures showing her rolling to get things that she wants.  She also started turning in circles on her belly to get where she wanted to go as well.  (10/28/2010)

She also began getting up on all fours and rocking forward and backwards.  She was definitely trying to start crawling.  (10/28/2010)

Such a cute smile!  (10/28/2010)

Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Adam visited our house over the weekend to celebrate Dad’s birthday.  It looks like Chloe is really enjoying the attention from Grandpa and Adam.  (10/30/2010)

A nice picture of Chloe and Grandma!  (10/30/2010)

Adam enjoying evening bottle time with Chloe.  (10/30/2010)

Chloe having fun with the rings.  (11/05/2010)

After trying to get Chloe to eat some baby cereal, we gave her a wash cloth and she seemed to really enjoy that.  (11/05/2010)

Daddy and Chloe are playing and she gets into a laughing fit while being tickled.  (11/08/2010)

A cute picture of Chloe relaxed after drinking a bottle of milk.  (11/09/2010)

Chloe trying out some peas. She doesn’t seem to dislike them too much!  (11/09/2010)

Eating baby cereal is way too much fun!  (11/10/2010)

Daddy is proud of his little girl reaching for the laptop ;)  (11/13/2010)

Kids are reading at early ages nowadays.  (11/13/2010)

Here Chloe is showing off her swim move (on land that is). Chloe also gets tickled by Daddy.  (11/14/2010)

We tried!  (11/15/2010)

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