Chloe’s Seventh Month

When Chloe turned six months old we decided to start feeding her baby food instead of just milk.  Her first meal was carrots, yum!  At first she was accepting of it, but she got really tired of it soon after as you can tell in the pictures and video.  (09/26/2010)

One noteworthy accomplishment that Chloe started doing around this time was sitting up well on her own.  She’s such a happy girl!  (09/28/2010)

Grandma Nelsen came down to visit for a few days which gave Kristen some time to work on painting Chloe’s bedroom.  (09/29/2010)

Chloe getting a snooze on Grandma.  (09/29/2010)

Here’s another example of Chloe sitting up on her own while she is playing with her toys.  (10/01/2010)

Chloe riding Mommy’s shoulders, but as it turns out Mom should get hazard pay because she gets both pooped and spit up on!  (10/01/2010)

Here is Chloe demonstrating her sitting skills while playing with the stackable rings.  (10/02/2010)

Chloe and Mom went outside to do a little photo shoot in our front yard.  (10/07/2010)

Grandma and Grandpa Hanson visited over the weekend.  Chloe is enjoying being read to.  (10/09/2010)

We went to a friend’s house to watch a Packer game.  Chloe is such a good Packer fan!  (10/10/2010)

Another one of Chloe’s accomplishments around this time was that she started inching towards and reaching for objects while on the floor.  Here’s a great shot of her trying to grab Mommy’s phone.  (10/12/2010)

Chloe enjoying her musical toy while sitting on Daddy’s lap.  (10/12/2010)

Daddy is making Chloe laugh hysterically at the dinner table by throwing a cloth diaper up in the air.  Sometimes Dad can be quite the entertainer.  (10/14/2010)

Chloe is kind of a picky eater, but one thing she really seems to enjoy is bananas.  (10/16/2010)

We did another photo shoot of Chloe in her pretty dress.  (10/18/2010)

Here Mom continued the photo shoot the next day, I believe because Chloe lost patience the day before :)  (10/19/2010)

It looks like Chloe has learned to un-velcro her diaper cover.  This is where diaper changes become a little more challenging.  (10/20/2010)

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