Chloe’s Fourth Month

During Chloe’s fourth month of life she started becoming much more active and because of that, we took lots of pictures and video.

Here is a picture of Chloe on her 3 month birthday.  (06/22/2010)

This is a picture of Chloe sucking her thumb for the first time.  She doesn’t use her thumb as a paci very often, but she knows it exists!  (06/23/2010)

Daddy and Chloe doing their night time ritual of reading.  (06/23/2010)

We took a walk outside around the yard because the weather was so nice.  (06/26/2010)

Chloe found her voice for the first time.  Hearing her talk was so exciting.  (06/26/2010)

We decided it was a nice evening to grill out.  Chloe is mesmerized by the fire.  (06/27/2010)

Here is Chloe talking again, but this time to her play gym.  (06/27/2010)

Chloe’s first experience in her crib.  From the start she was very comfortable with it.  This is about the same time she started to sleep for 7-8 hour stretches.  (06/28/2010)

Chloe enjoyed watching some TV while sucking on Daddy’s finger.  (06/29/2010)

Chloe sleeping so soundly in her crib.  (06/30/2010)

Chloe shows us her rolling skills.  (07/01/2010)

Often we would walk into Chloe’s room while she was napping and find limbs hanging out of the crib.  (07/07/2010)

Around this time Chloe began reaching for and playing with her toys.  (07/07/2010)

Chloe looking cute during some tummy time.  (07/08/2010)

Daddy and Chloe having fun bouncing.  (07/09/2010)

Chloe and Mommy having a precious moment together.  (07/12/2010)

One morning she zonked out on the floor while playing.  (07/13/2010)

Chloe started to laugh when she was about 3.5 months old.  Here is one of her most hysterical laughing fits.  We were at Qdoba with Vince and Ava and Vince started shaking his ice filled cup and she went crazy!  (07/13/2010)

Chloe really loves to be bounced.  Here are a video of Dad bouncing Chloe.  (07/14/2010)

We bought a Jumperoo for Chloe because she started to be more active.  She really enjoys it!  (07/15/2010)

A precious moment caught on camera of Chloe sucking her thumb.  (07/15/2010)

Grandma and Grandpa Nelsen visited over a weekend and good times were had by all.  (07/17/2010)

Chloe sure thinks the spinning toy on her new Jumperoo is really funny!  (07/20/2010)

Chloe is already starting to make Daddy lose his hair! :)  (07/21/2010)

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