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Camping at Newport State Park

The three of us went camping with all of our friends at Newport State Park which is in Door County Wisconsin on the coast of Lake Michigan.  This was Chloe’s first camping trip and she seemed to have a blast.  We spent the first afternoon there hiking back to our remote campsite.  It rained the first full day of camping so we tried to stay dry and warm.  Luckily we had built a shelter the night before so we could hang out together without getting wet.  The weather was fairly dry, but cool during the rest of the trip.

Here is Daddy holding Chloe in the baby carrier.  You can also see the cute hat that our friend Jenni made for Chloe.  (09/24/2010)

Chloe already wants to try beer at 6 months old!  (09/24/2010)

Here we all are getting ready to cook some breakfast over the campfire.  (09/24/2010)

We had heard that we were going to get a lot of rain the first day we were camping so we built a shelter right away.  It was a good idea because it rained nonstop the next day.  (09/24/2010)

Later in the afternoon on the second day we were camping, we all took a hike along the coastline of Lake Michigan.  (09/24/2010)

The weather got cooler so we bundled Chloe up in her snowsuit.  Doesn’t she look cute!  (09/25/2010)

Chloe was so cozy, she fell asleep on Daddy next to the campfire.  (09/25/2010)

During a nice afternoon, we all took a long hike on the state park’s trails.  (09/25/2010)

Here are all of us on the hike.  (09/25/2010)

When nature calls we have to attend to the diaper!  (09/25/2010)

Here is Chloe having fun with Jenni.  (09/25/2010)

Chloe relaxing while we are packing up to go home.  (09/26/2010)

It’s hard work watching Mom and Dad pack.  (09/26/2010)

Chloe’s Sixth Month

Here is Chloe and our friend Jess on her 5 month birthday.  (08/22/2010)

Chloe is showing Daddy her new set of teeth.  (08/22/2010)

Here is Chloe during a hysterical laughing fit when Mommy is shaking a frozen quesadilla.  Man, she is so cute!  (08/23/2010)

This is an example of how Chloe buzzes her lips when she is frustrated or angry.  It’s really hard to take her seriously when she does this!  (08/23/2010)

Chloe playing with her feet during a diaper change.  (08/25/2010)

Chloe has definitely mastered jumping on her own in her Jumperoo. This time she has a laughing fit when Mommy starts clapping for her.  It is so funny!  (08/26/2010)

During Chloe’s sixth month she started sitting up with assistance.  Here are a few shots of her in action.  (08/29/2010)

In this video, Chloe really goes to to town spinning the little toy on her Jumperoo.  (08/31/2010)

Goofing around with toys.  (09/01/2010)

Cute picture of Chloe and Daddy.  (09/01/2010)

Chloe gets a kick out of one of her toys when it falls off her head.  (09/01/2010)

Cuddling after bath time.  (09/02/2010)

Chloe sitting on Daddy.  (09/06/2010)

What a big smile!  (09/07/2010)

Exhausted after a hard day of playing.  (09/08/2010)

We visited Grandma and Grandpa Nelsen for a weekend.  Here is Grandpa making Chloe laugh.  (09/11/2010)

Chloe having a laughing fit when being tickled by Daddy.  (09/11/2010)

Grandpa just can’t put Chloe down.  (09/12/2010)

What a happy little girl!  (09/12/2010)

Hanging out in the swing.  (09/15/2010)

Chloe and Daddy reading during their bedtime ritual.  This is Chloe’s favorite book Fluffy Baby Animals.  (09/18/2010)

Mommy making faces at Chloe.  (09/19/2010)

Chloe’s first Packer game!  She seemed to really enjoy watching the game.  She’s a Packer fan through and through.  (09/19/2010)

Chloe is zonked out with paci while being held by Daddy.  When she was 5.5 months old she was able to put the paci in her mouth by herself for the first time.  (09/21/2010)