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Chloe’s Shower

Kristen’s aunts were kind enough to throw a shower in honor of Chloe.  It was nice for everyone to be able to meet her.

This is just one of the many cute outfits that Chloe was given that day.  (06/19/2010)

Grandma Hanson bought these awesome shades for Chloe.  (06/19/2010)

Here are Mommy and Chloe with the cake.  (06/19/2010)

Before we left town, we stopped to visit Grandma and Grandpa Nelsen.  Here is a picture of Grandma Nelsen holding a smiling Chloe.  (06/20/2010)

Chloe and Great Grandma Meet for the First Time

We took a trip up north to visit Great Grandma Delano so that she could meet Chloe.  Great Grandma seemed to have a really fun time with her.  (06/12/2010)

The four generations of the Delanos and Nelsens.  (06/12/2010)

Three generations of moms.  (06/12/2010)

Here are a couple more pictures of the family.  (06/12/2010)

Here is Grandpa Nelsen getting Chloe to give us a nice smile before we left to go back home.  (06/13/2010)

Chloe’s Third Month

Chloe hit some big milestones this month.  She started sucking her hand, rolling over and cooing/baby talking.  Thankfully, she also started sleeping for long stretches at night!  We also purchased nursery furniture and moved her into her own bedroom.

Here is Chloe on her 2 month birthday.  (05/23/2010)

Catching some ZzZs with Daddy.  (05/29/2010)

This is a shot of Chloe during her daily dose of tummy time.  (05/30/2010)

Where’s Chloe?  (06/07/2010)

Here she is catching a snooze.  (06/09/2010)

Adam learning baby care 101.  (06/11/2010)

Here we are all dressed up to go to Andy’s cousin’s wedding.  (06/12/2010)

Here she is wearing Daddy’s favorite t-shirt.  (06/13/2010)