Chloe’s Ninth Month

Chloe’s ninth month was a very exciting one because she became much more mobile.  She started going from a seated position to laying on her stomach without falling as well as going from her stomach to sitting.  She also began to crawl!  That was such an exciting time for all of us.  She also began saying “dadadadada” which Daddy is very excited about ;)

Chloe got stuck between some furniture at Grandma and Grandpa Nelsen’s house on her 8 month birthday.  A sign that she’s getting more mobile.  (11/22/2010)

While we were up visiting the grandparents for Thanksgiving, we stopped over to Great Grandma’s house to hang out.  (11/23/2010)

We decided to get professional portraits done for Chloe and before we left, we got a few pictures of her in her cute outfit.  Here she is sitting in the same chair that Daddy played with when he was a kid.  (11/24/2010)

Here are the professional pictures that were taken.  (11/24/2010)

Grandpa and Chloe having a fun time.  (11/26/2010)

Chloe begins moving from the seated position to laying down on her tummy with a fair amount of ease for the first time.  (11/30/2010)

We tried giving Chloe a big glass to drink from and by the end of the video, she does get some water, but it goes down the wrong pipe.  (12/02/2010)

Chloe sure loves playing in her Jumperoo.  (12/04/2010)

Chloe loves anything technology related!  (12/04/2010)

We got together with our friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Here Chloe is enjoying some play time with Gavin, Jess and Cass (the dog).  (12/05/2010)

Jrome surprised Chloe with a wooden rocking horse that he made.  He did a very nice job on it and it was an awesome gift!  (12/05/2010)

Having fun during bath time.  (12/07/2010)

Again, anything tech related, Chloe wants to get her hands on.  (12/09/2010)

We got together with some friends to watch football and Chloe wanted to have some beer too.  Unfortunately, beer is a little bit different than milk.  (12/12/2010)

Here you can see Chloe getting real close to crawling. She gets up on all fours pretty well and kind of lunges forward. It won’t be too much longer and she’ll be crawling around all over the place.  (12/13/2010)

Here is Chloe baby talking up quite a storm as she works on filling her diaper. Hey, even though pooping is hard work she can make it a fun experience!  (12/13/2010)

After trying to crawl multiple times, she finally crawls for the first time trying to get to a PS3 controller! At first we didn’t know whether or not to officially make the call that she started crawling, but we decided to make it official after shooting the video.  (12/15/2010)

Chloe shows off crawling again. It turns out PS3 controllers are a good way to bribe her to crawl because she loves them. She also can’t resist the network cable strung across the floor.  (12/15/2010)

Here is Chloe sitting down baby talking up a storm before she crawls over to the Christmas tree to check out the presents.  (12/17/2010)

Messy face.  (12/19/2010)

Christmas Tree

We went to a nearby Christmas Tree farm to get our tree this year.  We decided to get a precut tree this year because it was really cold and Chloe probably wouldn’t have really enjoyed the “cut your own” experience.

Here we are at the tree farm.  (12/08/2010)

Here is Chloe playing with the Christmas lights while Mom was testing them out.  (12/09/2010)

Mom decorating the tree.  (12/10/2010)

The tree is up and decorated!  (12/17/2010)


We woke up to see quite an awesome snowfall that happened overnight.  Here are some pictures we took throughout the day.  (12/12/2010)


We spent some time with the grandparents for Thanksgiving this year and had a great time.  Here is a nice family picture on Thanksgiving Day.  (11/25/2010)

Here is Chloe baby talking and making a bunch of noises.  (11/25/2010)

Deer Hunting

We went hunting out at the farm and Dad got a nice buck.  (11/20/2010)

Chloe’s Eighth Month

We had a really fun time with Chloe this month.  One of the big things she did was mumble mumamumamuma.  It looks like Mom was in fact the first word she said :)  She also learned how to kiss us on the cheek which was really cute.  Baths became much easier this month too because Chloe started sitting up on her own in the bathtub.

Here are some pictures of Chloe and Daddy on her 7 month birthday.  (10/22/2010)

Chloe having fun playing in a cardboard box.  (10/23/2010)

Dad got a bloody nose working on the job.  Sometimes when Chloe gets those small, sharp finger nails where they shouldn’t be, it can really hurt.  (10/25/2010)

Chloe started being more mobile around this time.  Here are a few pictures showing her rolling to get things that she wants.  She also started turning in circles on her belly to get where she wanted to go as well.  (10/28/2010)

She also began getting up on all fours and rocking forward and backwards.  She was definitely trying to start crawling.  (10/28/2010)

Such a cute smile!  (10/28/2010)

Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Adam visited our house over the weekend to celebrate Dad’s birthday.  It looks like Chloe is really enjoying the attention from Grandpa and Adam.  (10/30/2010)

A nice picture of Chloe and Grandma!  (10/30/2010)

Adam enjoying evening bottle time with Chloe.  (10/30/2010)

Chloe having fun with the rings.  (11/05/2010)

After trying to get Chloe to eat some baby cereal, we gave her a wash cloth and she seemed to really enjoy that.  (11/05/2010)

Daddy and Chloe are playing and she gets into a laughing fit while being tickled.  (11/08/2010)

A cute picture of Chloe relaxed after drinking a bottle of milk.  (11/09/2010)

Chloe trying out some peas. She doesn’t seem to dislike them too much!  (11/09/2010)

Eating baby cereal is way too much fun!  (11/10/2010)

Daddy is proud of his little girl reaching for the laptop ;)  (11/13/2010)

Kids are reading at early ages nowadays.  (11/13/2010)

Here Chloe is showing off her swim move (on land that is). Chloe also gets tickled by Daddy.  (11/14/2010)

We tried!  (11/15/2010)

Deer Visit

Kristen looked out the window of our dining room and saw a doe across the bridge that goes over our decorative stream.  This is about the closest we’ve seen a deer to our house.  Although there is lots of evidence of deer throughout our property, we don’t get to see them too often.  (10/21/2010)

Chloe’s Seventh Month

When Chloe turned six months old we decided to start feeding her baby food instead of just milk.  Her first meal was carrots, yum!  At first she was accepting of it, but she got really tired of it soon after as you can tell in the pictures and video.  (09/26/2010)

One noteworthy accomplishment that Chloe started doing around this time was sitting up well on her own.  She’s such a happy girl!  (09/28/2010)

Grandma Nelsen came down to visit for a few days which gave Kristen some time to work on painting Chloe’s bedroom.  (09/29/2010)

Chloe getting a snooze on Grandma.  (09/29/2010)

Here’s another example of Chloe sitting up on her own while she is playing with her toys.  (10/01/2010)

Chloe riding Mommy’s shoulders, but as it turns out Mom should get hazard pay because she gets both pooped and spit up on!  (10/01/2010)

Here is Chloe demonstrating her sitting skills while playing with the stackable rings.  (10/02/2010)

Chloe and Mom went outside to do a little photo shoot in our front yard.  (10/07/2010)

Grandma and Grandpa Hanson visited over the weekend.  Chloe is enjoying being read to.  (10/09/2010)

We went to a friend’s house to watch a Packer game.  Chloe is such a good Packer fan!  (10/10/2010)

Another one of Chloe’s accomplishments around this time was that she started inching towards and reaching for objects while on the floor.  Here’s a great shot of her trying to grab Mommy’s phone.  (10/12/2010)

Chloe enjoying her musical toy while sitting on Daddy’s lap.  (10/12/2010)

Daddy is making Chloe laugh hysterically at the dinner table by throwing a cloth diaper up in the air.  Sometimes Dad can be quite the entertainer.  (10/14/2010)

Chloe is kind of a picky eater, but one thing she really seems to enjoy is bananas.  (10/16/2010)

We did another photo shoot of Chloe in her pretty dress.  (10/18/2010)

Here Mom continued the photo shoot the next day, I believe because Chloe lost patience the day before :)  (10/19/2010)

It looks like Chloe has learned to un-velcro her diaper cover.  This is where diaper changes become a little more challenging.  (10/20/2010)

Pumpkin Patch

We decided to take Chloe on her first pumpkin patch experience.  We walked around the field and picked out a couple pumpkins.  Chloe seemed to enjoy looking around and taking in the scenery.  (10/16/2010)

Day at Port Washington

Grandma and Grandpa Hanson came to visit for the weekend and on Saturday we all went to check out Port Washington.  We basically just walked around on the pier and in the downtown area.  We had Chloe bundled in her stroller as it was a little chilly.  (10/09/2010)